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To protect identities models and actors have been used for the stories below.

Mary’s story

“I am Mary and I am a 91 year old woman who now lives in a care home. Some of the staff at the care home do not like me and make me wait when I ask for help. When my daughter came to visit, I told her how the staff would ignore me. She rang the local Safeguarding Adults Team and steps were taken to stop it happening again. The home manager spent time with us to provide reassurance and support.”

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Peter’s story

“My name is Peter and I have a mental health problem. My problem means that I need people to help me. Someone I thought was my friend has been taking my money so I called the local Safeguarding Adults Team. They were able to arrange for the Police and a social worker to stop this so no one takes my money now.”

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Wendy’s story

“I am Wendy. I am a 50 year old woman with learning disabilities. One of the men at the Day Centre keeps touching me and I don’t like it. No one does anything about it. I told my brother who rang the local Safeguarding Adults team. This man has gone now. I look forward to going to the Day Centre now.”

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Ellie’s Story

“I’m Ellie, and I suffer from MS. I’ve used a wheelchair for the last 10 years. I live on my own in a bungalow and there’s a small team of care workers that help me out. For the last few years they’ve helped me get up, shower, get dressed, have breakfast. ”

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